Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

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    Warming Up and Cooling Down

    • Lesson One - Breathe and Move

    • Lesson Two A - Warming up the Face and Neck

    • Lesson Two B - Warming up with Breath and Vibration

    • Who doesn't love a Quick Quiz ...

    • Lesson Three A - Warming up by Releasing The Tongue

    • Lesson Three B -Warming up the Articulators and adding Tongue Twisters

    • Lesson Four A - What is a Voice Straw and Why Should I Use One?

    • Lesson Four B - Straw Demo Part One - Using the Straw for Cool Downs & Warm-Ups

    • Lesson Four C - More Straw Demo

    • Lesson Four D - Getting ready quickly and in a Session with a Straw

    • Cool Downs

    • Lesson Five- Re-cap and Managing Vocally Stressful Sessions

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